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Build a perfect landing page in minutes & generate leads!

A landing page by RocketStart could be very powerful single entry point: for describing product, service, promoting event, latest music release or independent film, connecting an audience to relevant social pages and much... much more.

RS Platform Introduction Video

RS Platform introduction video by
RocketStart Founder & CEO
Michael Babich
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Make your startup visible! Do you have great idea and want start registering future customers?

RocketStart is here for you! Make your “Coming Soon” landing page in couple minutes, upload your illustration image or logo and get all tools you need to interact with your audience. Connect it to your social pages, hoist your flag and track supporters of your idea!

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Events & Parties

Make your party rock! Create colorful promo page for your event, party or birthday and start registering audience.

Keep in touch with participants via email, sending updates and changes. It is in your hand to choose what information people should provide and what form to fill. For example, what food or drink people want on the party, what kind of costumes to wear and more. Connect this page to Facebook calendar event and invite even more people making you party awesome!

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Media Releases

Spread new music, video or other media to the world!

Setup dedicated promo page for your music release with RocketStart. Choose design template, upload poster or disc cover, let people listed to your music right on the promo page, let people buy it from the best online music stores. Do you have music video? Embed it, let people appreciate your creativity! Use your own design, use your own domain name, spread your work!

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Mobile Apps

Are you mobile app developer? Do what you do best - mobile apps!

RocketStart is here for you. Upload screenshots and your logo to have custom mobile app web-page via template in couple minutes. Integrate all links to your application social pages and connect it to AppStore or Android Market. Let you app be viral!

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Products & More

We offer so much more!

RocketStart power does not end on startups, events, music releases and mobile apps. We offers so much more! Any idea or product promo, private-sale clothing line or independent film, professional services, questionnaire, sign up form, announcement and even bridal-shower can get visible and viral within minutes with a simple colourful landing promo page.

Just rock it with RocketStart!

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Custom Landing Page

Start your Internet presence within two minutes and couple clicks. Create beautiful custom landing page for your every need. Make dedicated promo page for your birthday party, mobile app or startup.

Generate Leads

Stay connected with your audience. Do not loose even one of your customers! Register each one with a simple form. Manage lists of your subscribed customers to see who is in and who is out! Export lists into number of file formats to use it outside of RocketStart.

Email Marketing

Create colorful email newsletters with templates to choose from. Easy build a custom start page for you startup, event, party, survey, mobile app, start collecting user data and engage with you audience in 10 minutes.

Social Integration

Make you rocket page connected with social networks. Use all required tools to get it visible in social news feeds and friends' walls. Make in likable and sharable!

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Tea Round
Digital Digest
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